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Cookies Lately

I’m so far behind so I’ll just catch you up in one giant post. I had a lull in my cookie making and the in one week, I did three different batches. A batch for a 4th of July birthday party, a batch for a little boy’s Batman party, and a batch for a couples’ shower. Then about a month later (which brings us to the present) I did some more owl cookies.

First up we have the 4th of July cookies. The guest of honor was named “Kay,” hence the “K” cookie. I am somewhat stripe obsessed when it comes to cookies. Stripes are classy, fun, and easy to do.

Up next is Batman!

And then the couples’ shower cookies. The groom is in the army. The wedding dress and monogram were my favorite part of this order.

Finally, we have the owl cookies. Owls are all the rage apparently! I see them everywhere. They’re on birthday invitations, pajamas, cakes, cookies, and who knows what else. You would think, then, that it would be easy to find various owl cookie cutters. Not so. I had to hand cut each of these owls with a Fiskars fingertip craft knife. I did not want to use the narrow slender owl cutter that I found online (and that seems to hold the monopoly on owl cutters). I wanted a chubby owl and this time I didn’t want to put him on a circle cookie.

And there you have it! My life in cookies. Lately, anyway.